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  • icon-user Cinenet was instrumental in helping us get things up and running and their team helped us to increase bandwidth at a moment’s notice when it was necessary for us to get a full service offsite. They deliver really sensational service. read more...

    The People’s Republic of Animation

  • Cinenet launches Cloud and IAAS Connectivity

    Posted in: newson: December 21, 2012.
    Cinenet has launched its private direct connect service, integrating a variety of Cloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers including Aptira, Zettanet, SteamEngine and EngineRoom with Cinenet’s large media ... Read the full post ›
  • Cinenet provides connectivity to E3 Pegasus Datacenter

    Posted in: newson: March 11, 2010.
    Cinenet has extensive primary and diverse connectivity to most of the major data centres. The E3 Pegasus in Sydney is the most recently connected datacentre to the Cinenet’s optical fibre network.
  • Dedicated 40Gbps link for Dr D at Carriageworks

    Posted in: newson: March 11, 2010.
    Cinenet provides Carriageworks with a 400 Mbps, fully-symmetrical microwave link until the 40 Gbps fibre link between Carriageworks and the Global Switch data centre is complete. Read more...
  • Cinenet offers all you can eat Google traffic

    Posted in: newson: March 11, 2010.
    Traffic from Google services accounts for up to 25 percent of the internet traffic of Cinenet's screen industry customers, so rather than have this traffic levied on a consumption basis, Cinenet is offering customers all-you-can-eat access ... Read the full post ›
  • Cinenet’s Optical Network connects Dr D

    Posted in: newson: April 2, 2009.
    Cinenet today released its expanded Optical Network in the Sydney metro area.  The expansion comes off the back of the addition of Dr D Studios (Dr D); the joint venture between Kennedy Miller Mitchell (KMM) and Omnilab Media ... Read the full post ›
  • Cinenet goes national

    Posted in: newson: April 3, 2007.
    More Australian screen media practitioners are set to get a leg-up in the competitive global market, with the expansion of Australia’s premier industry-based broadband network, Cinenet. Cinenet provides services tailored specifically for clients in the areas of film, television, traditional ... Read the full post ›