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Cinenet goes national

Posted in: news on: Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007.

More Australian screen media practitioners are set to get a leg-up in the competitive global market, with the expansion of Australia’s premier industry-based broadband network, Cinenet.

Cinenet provides services tailored specifically for clients in the areas of film, television, traditional and new media who need to move large volumes of data in a hurry to domestic and international markets.

“With the expansion of our network to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and core services from Tier 1 National Carrier, Agile, we can now provide our services in all Australian capital cities and selected regional centres,” says Cinenet’s Managing Director, Tony Clark.

“This means it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Hollywood or Homebush; you can collaborate with people on different continents, in different time zones or across town, as if you were in the same building. And that’s a big help for Australian companies who traditionally have had to battle with the misconception that we’re just too far away to be considered a major production hub.”

Using secure, high-speed broadband connectivity and highly secured file and mail servers, Cinenet gives a production:

  • the fastest means available of sending large media containing images, sound and effects around the globe, or just down the street,
  • the ability to bring together multiple local and international locations to a central repository, protected by several layers of security,
  • a range of options such as videoconferencing, voice over I.P., transfer of film rushes and scans, and collaboration tools like cineSync; software which facilitates simultaneous viewing and discussion of visual media in multiple locations.

Cinenet already has an illustrious client base, having been used during the production of movies such as Batman Begins, The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Charlotte’s Web, Superman Returns, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire .

First deployed in Adelaide in 2003, the network is a collaboration between the founders of Rising Sun Pictures and Internode.

“Since its inception, there have been more and more people round the country recognizing the benefits of this network, and asking if we can service their location,” says Mr. Clark. “Well, now we can.”

For more information on Cinenet, see or call on +61 8 8400 6595

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