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Cinenet launches Cloud and IAAS Connectivity

Posted in: news on: Friday, December 21st, 2012.

Cinenet has launched its private direct connect service, integrating a variety of Cloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers including Aptira, Zettanet, SteamEngine and EngineRoom with Cinenet’s large media user base.

Companies looking to evolve legacy on-site IT infrastructure to a virtual computing environment or access high performance computing as a service can now take advantage of Cinenet’s Cloud and IAAS partners using Cinenet’s Private Network. Users of this network can be confident of a secure and ultra high-speed connection to and from their business with connections starting from 100mbps to 10gbps around Australia.

Over the last two to three years there has been a fundamental shift in IT infrastructure models within businesses globally and across a number of industries. More and more companies are looking to reduce costs, increase data storage and divest themselves of expensive IT infrastructure and the high-cost of operational staff.

Cinenet’s Managing Director, Tony Clark elaborates “As storage capacity demand continues to increase in the media industry at over 50% every year and forecasts show that demand will only continue to build over time, it’s no wonder, with secure and reliable off-site storage solutions, in addition to real-time high performance Cloud computing is becoming a popular solution for big and small companies across the globe.

“With the introduction of this new acquisition model, companies need reliable access to the Cloud through secure, private and high-capacity fibre networks. This is where Cinenet comes to the rescue.”

Leading host and IT infrastructure specialist, Aptira partnered with Cinenet to deliver a superfast fibre network so its clients can connect to their public and private Cloud infrastructure efficiently. Aptira also provides a variety of Cloud performance computing and managed IT services to a wide range of service providers in the enterprise, science and educational industries.

James Bourne, Chief Operating Officer at Aptira elaborates on Cinenet’s service and expertise “Cinenet’s service support is incredibly flexible and they are very responsive to Aptira’s needs. We have a large global customer base so being able to identify costs upfront and scale our usage up or down depending on the job is essential. I can sit down with the Cinenet team and we can nut out a strategy together as opposed to going to a larger organisation with a cookie cutter and restrictive approach. Importantly, Cinenet has always been adaptable and transparent on contracts and costs.”

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