Dr D Studios

Australia’s newest and fastest growing Film Studio chooses Cinenet

icon-userAn interview with James Bourne, CTO

“The best part about working with Cinenet was having a collaborative relationship where they shared our vision, understood our requirements and designed and implemented the bespoke service that we were after”

So what does Dr D Studios do?

Dr D is a new digital production studio created by Academy Award winning producers George Miller and Doug Mitchell in partnership with the Omnilab Media Group. It’s a permanent Australian studio, attracting the best talent from here and around the world to craft fine, entertaining stories.

Dr D’s first project is the 3D sequel to the hit animated film Happy Feet, due in cinemas in 2011.

What did you want to achieve and what was your vision?

Our initial requirements were to connect the Potts Point office of Kennedy, Miller, Mitchell to the greater Omnilab network. Our vision is to deliver a high performance, resilient network to multiple DRD sites across Sydney as they come online.

What does the solution look like?

To date we have implemented a single link between KMM in Potts Point and Omnilab in East Sydney. Two additional links are in build – to our data centre in Alexandria and Motion Capture facility in Redfern. Cinenet deploys DWDM multiplexers at each site allowing us to utilize the fibre very efficiently. We implement minimally 10Gbps point-to-point links and scale in 10Gbps increments.

The additional links that will be deployed in 2010 will complete a ring topology for redundancy and give us a baseline 20Gbps connectivity between each site. We also obtain our Internet access from Cinenet which is currently 10Mbps but is scalable to 100Mbps with a phone call.

Why did you choose Cinenet?

We chose Cinenet primarily on the basis that they had a deep understanding of our business domain and secondly they provided flexibility in designing a solution. Cinenet provided us the most cost effective solution that met our current and future needs.

When we tendered for suppliers, most others were just interested in providing a “service” from a “rate card”, which was undesirable. Secondly, by engaging Cinenet we are also implicitly contributing to the growth of an Australian based specialist WAN/internet services provider in the TV/Film space. Choices like this are mandated by George Miller to  support his vision of putting Australian film and visual effects studios fairly and squarely on world map.

The technical and business benefits of choosing Cinenet include the ability to:

  • Work directly with the networks design and support team. I know who I’m talking to and I know the technology they employ. The company is not hidden behind a series of telephone prompts and obscure ticketing systems.
  • Work in a collaborative relationship with a service provider – by building our network, we are implicitly building theirs. This allows us to request and have them deliver value added services to us.
  • Be part of the Cinenet network and have direct high speed access to other facilities for data interchange.
  • Have a cost effective, high performance, resilient and scalable solution delivered tothe studio in a timely fashion.