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Cinenet Stories

  • icon-user Cinenet was instrumental in helping us get things up and running and their team helped us to increase bandwidth at a moment’s notice when it was necessary for us to get a full service offsite. They deliver really sensational service. read more...

    The People’s Republic of Animation


Cinenet is Australia’s only high-speed broadband data network created specifically for screen media industries. It’s a shared, connected infrastructure for studios, producers, editing facilities, visual effects providers, sound facilities and DVD producers to create and exchange large digital assets and connect to infrastructure providers.

Cinenet gives you:

  • the fastest means available of moving huge datasets containing dailies and scans, motion capture, sound and effects around the globe, or even just down the street,
  • the ability to bring together multiple local and international locations to a single, secure communication fabric,
  • a range of options such as videoconferencing, video streaming, Voice over IP, transfer of film rushes and scans, and collaboration tools like cineSync; software which allows simultaneous viewing of footage in multiple locations.
  • Private connectivity between dispersed facilities or between facilities and on-demand infrastructure providers.

Productions that have already put Cinenet to use include The Wolverine, Fury Road, The Great Gatsby, Terminator: Salvation, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Happy Feet 2, The Harry Potter series, Batman Begins, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and many others.

Cinenet is a collaboration between the founders of Rising Sun Pictures and Internode, building on the expertise of both to provide Australian clients with an edge in a competitive global market. Cinenet is built on the carrier grade National Tier 1 infrastructure of Agile Communications and offers services in all Australian capital cities and selected regional areas.