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Internet traffic to and from the Cinenet network travels via triple redundant connections to Internode’s National and International Tier 1 network, assuring high availability and zero contention ratios.  Cinenet also operates backup services to other providers for maximum availability in the event of major failures.

Cinenet provides

  • Flexible flat rate plans
  • Line-rate throughput between Cinenet on-net sites within the customer’s geographic area on supported plans.
  • Rapid response to your changing circumstances, with speed changes implemented within one business day
  • Un-contended supply – we manage our capacity so you always achieve the throughput you’re paying for.
  • Direct peering with major content providers and networks such as Amazon, Google, Vocus, Edgecast and many others.

Cinenet uses flat rate charging, where the customer nominates their monthly consumption in megabits per second and pays no per megabyte charges beyond the bandwidth fee.  Internet throughput is capped to peak at the nominated speed, while access to Cinenet connected sites in the customers geographic area runs at the full rate of the customer’s connection speed.

As Australian IP Transit pricing has dropped in price recently, we firmly believe this is the most efficient way for customers to purchase bandwidth, providing fixed monthly costs with no surprises.

High Throughput

Cinenet’s Internet bandwidth is supplied un-contended, so you’ll always see the throughput you’ve purchased.  A common problem with conventional Internet access is the low throughput experienced by users of fast networks over long distance connections – such Networks are called Long Fat Pipes.

Cinenet’s technical staff are expert at performance tuning and techniques for maximising network utilisation, and can help you to tune your systems to ensure you get the most out of your network.