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Data Centres & Connectivity

Data Centres

Cinenet has extensive and diverse connectivity to many major data centres around Australia utilising its high speed optical fibre network, including:

Sydney Adelaide Brisbane Melbourne
Vocus Doody St Internode Pipe Networks DC3/4 NextDC M1
Globalswitch Pipe Networks NextDC B1 Pipe Networks DC2
Equinix SY1,2&3 Metronode Equinix ME1

Cinenet has extensive capacity between datacentres, offering dedicated and private capacity across town or across the country. Metro connectivity options include Ethernet VPLS up to 10Gbps and 10 Gigabit Ethernet or STM64 clear channel DWDM circuits.

Around Australia, Cinenet offers VPLS private layer 2 services to 1Gbps along with IP Transit and MPLS VPN.

Optical Fibre: 100Mbps-10Gbps

Cinenet fibre optic tails are provided on a combination of wholly owned and leased fibre optic paths depending on the location of the service.  Fibre optic delivery provides the maximum throughput and reliability.

Our Optical Network uses CWDM and DWDM wavelength multiplexing technologies, giving us the ability to rapidly scale connectivity to your site as your needs change.

All services to client facilities are provided as ethernet for simplicity of integration, with other connection methods available upon request.

Contact us to best define the correct solution for your requirements.