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    A trunk call from KwaZulu Natal

Private Network

Across the city or across the globe, Cinenet offers a range of Private Network (VPN) services to facilitate your connection needs. VPN services are available between any Cinenet connected sites along with selected datacentres in Australia and major international centres.

VPN technologies are built upon Cinenet’s MPLS backbone, and include:

Point to point private ethernet services joining 2 sites with a virtual cable that can pass any traffic that can be carried on Ethernet networks.

Virtual Private LAN Services offer multi-point private Ethernet services, connecting multiple sites into a single ethernet segment. VPLS services are similar to Ethernet VLL except that they support multipoint topologies.

MPLS VPNs are Layer 3, private routed IP networks where your traffic travels in private MPLS tunnels between endpoints. These are also multipoint networks except that rather than carry ethernet traffic, they carry routed IP between your sites.

All VPN products are available in Metro, National and International footprints or a combination of the three. Nationally, they travel on Cinenet’s redundant, high speed backbone links between major city POPs.

Contact us to best define the correct solution for your requirements.