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Using high-speed connectivity, Cinenet gives users:

  • a fast and secure means of moving large, high resolution digital assets
  • direct connectivity to multiple Australian and international facilities
  • a platform for creating efficient, distributed workflows
  • support for a range of tools such as videoconferencing, VoIP, high speed file transfer, and collaboration tools like cineSync.

Our standard products include the following categories:

Connectivity Internet Private Network
Ethernet over Copper
Flat Rate
10-200mbps – use as much as you like


Managed Ethernet
Variable Rate
10-200mbps – pay as you go – fast burst speeds
High Speed connectivity between sites
As fast as your connection between Cinenet sites


Flat rate peering
(Google, Youtube)
For hosted application services


Contact us to best define the correct solution for your requirements.

Bespoke Design

Cinenet is staffed by people with direct experience in Broadcast, Outside Broadcast, Audio production, Film, and of course, Networking.  As such, Cinenet strives to deliver tailored and flexible solutions that are the right fit to solve our customer’s challenges rather than re-shaping them to fit our products.

24 x 7 Support

We use state of the art monitoring technologies for network surveillance and fault recovery and have full visibility and control of the performance of our service.

We offer 24 x 7 support for issues and knowledgeable support staff who understand the needs of the film and television businesses.

Our Network

Internet traffic to and from the Cinenet network travels via Internode’s National and International Tier 1 network assuring high availability, resiliency and extremely low contention ratios.

Our Optical Network uses CWDM and DWDM wavelength multiplexing technologies, giving you the freedom to connect a range of equipment for transport between sites and maintain peak performance.

  • Cloud and IAAS Connectivity

    Cinenet provides direct connectivity to a variety of Cloud and Infrastructure as a Service providers, allowing connected customers to rapidly deploy elastic capacity to expand, enhance or replace their on-premises resources.

    Using Cinenet’s Private Network services, connected customers can expect to have secure, private connectivity to our directly connected partners implemented within two business days of order.

    Our partners provide a range of services, including Bare Metal Infrastructure, Outsourced file serving, backup and archival, Windows and Linux desktop virtualisation, HPC and Render computing.

    AWS Direct Connect
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  • Data Centres & Connectivity

    Data Centres
    Cinenet has extensive and diverse connectivity to many major data centres around Australia utilising its high speed optical fibre network, including:


    Vocus Doody St
    Pipe Networks DC3/4
    NextDC M1

    Pipe Networks
    NextDC B1
    Pipe Networks DC2

    Equinix SY1,2&3

    Equinix ME1

    Cinenet has extensive capacity between datacentres, offering dedicated and private capacity across town or across the country. Metro connectivity options include Ethernet VPLS up to 10Gbps and 10 Gigabit Ethernet or STM64 clear channel DWDM circuits.

    Around Australia, Cinenet offers VPLS private layer 2 services to 1Gbps along …
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  • Internet

    Internet traffic to and from the Cinenet network travels via triple redundant connections to Internode’s National and International Tier 1 network, assuring high availability and zero contention ratios.  Cinenet also operates backup services to other providers for maximum availability in the event of major failures.
    Cinenet provides

    Flexible flat rate plans
    Line-rate throughput between Cinenet on-net sites within the customer’s geographic area on supported plans.
    Rapid response to your changing circumstances, with speed changes implemented within one business day
    Un-contended supply – we manage our capacity so you always achieve the throughput you’re paying for.
    Direct peering with major content providers and networks such as …
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  • Private Network

    Across the city or across the globe, Cinenet offers a range of Private Network (VPN) services to facilitate your connection needs. VPN services are available between any Cinenet connected sites along with selected datacentres in Australia and major international centres.

    VPN technologies are built upon Cinenet’s MPLS backbone, and include:

    Point to point private ethernet services joining 2 sites with a virtual cable that can pass any traffic that can be carried on Ethernet networks.

    Virtual Private LAN Services offer multi-point private Ethernet services, connecting multiple sites into a single ethernet segment. VPLS services are similar to Ethernet VLL except …
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