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  • icon-user Cinenet has enabled us to hammer the links – move 1 to 2 terabytes of data thick and fast between our sites. So basically it’s allowed us to do business. read more...

    Krome – 10 Games, 3 Cities, 1 Studio

Cloud and IAAS Connectivity

Cinenet provides direct connectivity to a variety of Cloud and Infrastructure as a Service providers, allowing connected customers to rapidly deploy elastic capacity to expand, enhance or replace their on-premises resources.

Using Cinenet’s Private Network services, connected customers can expect to have secure, private connectivity to our directly connected partners implemented within two business days of order.

Our partners provide a range of services, including Bare Metal Infrastructure, Outsourced file serving, backup and archival, Windows and Linux desktop virtualisation, HPC and Render computing.

AWS Direct Connect
MS Azure ExpressRoute