The Great Delivery – Cinenet delivers for Animal Logic

Award-winning design, VFX and animation company Animal Logic engages Cinenet to join Animal Logic’s core IT infrastructure at Fox Studios to an off-site render farm at leading IAAS provider Steam-Engine.


Animal Logic is currently working on director Baz Luhrmann’s luxurious adaptation of “The Great Gatsby”.

Head of IT at Animal Logic, Alex Timbs explains that it’s not typical for the company to use third party render resources, “There are times when production demand increases and that’s where Cinenet stepped in to support our content delivery between another facility, in this case direct to Steam-Engine’s blades.” he says.

Using Cinenet’s 10gbps fibre optic network Animal Logic has been delivering large amounts of render data via an ultra fast, secure and reliable pipeline. Secure connectivity is imperative when delivering large amounts of high value media assets on film and television productions, particularly one as large as The Great Gatsby. Producers need certainty that security is a priority. Cinenet doesn’t disappoint and can boast a protected private network with POPs in the most secure facilities throughout Australia


Timbs continues to explain how Cinenet helped on this production “The real value for Animal Logic is that Cinenet has deployed key infrastructure in key locations across Australia, one of which is at Fox Studios in Sydney which gives Cinenet the ability to provide fibre infrastructure quickly with minimal fuss and enables us to opitimise our workflow efficiently. On The Great Gatsby we needed access to the fibre network within 2 weeks. Cinenet had us ready to go within a week.”

Cinenet’s Managing Director, Tony Clark explains why the technology works so effectively, Cinenet‘s optical network across Sydney uses DWDM wavelength multiplexing technologies, giving us the ability to rapidly deploy new services to sites that are already on net. In this case, both endpoints were already on net, so it was a simple matter of closing the last fibre link and we were ready to go.”

Alex is comforted by Cinenet’s expertise and understanding of the visual effects industry. He says “Tony understands our business having been in it himself for many years. Because he understands the environment we are working in and the innate challenges, he delivers a more focused and targeted service that better fits our business.”

“Not only am I confident that I can move our data securely on a robust pipeline, Cinenet also offers flexible and short term agreements which is critical, as we don’t know if we are going to need the service for three, six or 12 months.”

We all look forward to seeing the outstanding results of Animal Logic’s work on The Great Gatsby, due for release in May 2013.