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    A trunk call from KwaZulu Natal

Amazon Direct Connect

Our customers can now connect directly and privately to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using AWS Direct Connect over Cinenet’s national MPLS network.

Cinenet’s AWS Direct Connect services help you to:

  • Reduce your cost of connection to AWS – ideal for high volume users, where the cost of routed IP would be prohibitive.  Cinenet’s private connections are charged on a speed and proximity basis, with no variable running costs each month.
  • Deliver consistent network performance – private connections have predictable latency and performance as they’re not subject to routing changes and congestion between ISPs.
  • Rapidly deploy large scale connectivity – establish high capacity connectivity from 100mbps to 10gbps from existing Cinenet connected sites to AWS within days.  Off net sites are serviced with a range of fibre access technologies.
  • Integrate AWS services directly into your corporate infrastructure – using private IP addressing you can establish a number of logical connections between your corporate or datacentre LAN and your AWS Private Cloud.
  • Scale your connection as your needs change – with a low monthly access charge, services can be scaled inside the contract term to accommodate your burst requirements.

AWS Direct Connect is available from our existing datacentres, supported datacentres and customer sites, and Cinenet has a range of options to provide access from customer premises across Australia.

To find out more, contact us on 08 8400 4595.